Featuring Celia Griffin, “Magic” Mike Crutcher, Devin Kennedy, Todd Griffin, SJ Turner

Vinyl Countdown takes you back to a time when vinyl was spinning and Rocky was winning, bringing back those bright lights and arena nights filled to the max with the magic of rock and roll. Hair was bigger then, and so was the fun as the 70’s and 80’s churned out hit after hit - songs that are as fresh and powerful today as they were decades ago. Rock and roll never dies, and a part of us will love it and live it forever.

Cincinnati’s premier arena rock band, Vinyl Countdown, provides an opportunity for you to relive the glory days of Journey, Pat Benetar, Blondie, Foreigner, AC/DC, Poison, and many more.

More importantly, you can relive YOUR glory days. Even if it’s only for a night, come out to a show and remember. Remember what it was like to be raised on the radio. Remember how good it felt when the only worry you had was how damn good you were going to look cruising in that Firebird. Remember when your troubles floated away with that first beat of the drum, or as the heavy strum of a power chord melted into an angelic guitar solo. Remember the thump in your chest as bass lines forced their way into your veins. Remember how everyone wanted to be a singer so they could belt out carefree lyrics at the top of their lungs as piano and keyboard melodies danced to the soundtrack of your life.

If you weren’t alive for all of this, come out and see what the fuss was all about when your parents were cool. Vinyl Countdown offers the opportunity to do it all again...and again...night after night.